How we can serve you...

  Ladies Retreat Spa & Resort offers serene atmosphere and spa packages to heal mind, body & soul. Clients are committed to 2-4 hours of pampering sessions. Enjoy Body Treatments, Facials, Meditation or simply time in Nature.

LRS MOBILE SALON & SPA offers spa packages and hair services to clients Globally at the comfort of their own home.

LRS MED-SPA offers Non-Invasive Medical Esthetics. Services include but not limited to Skin Tightening, Cellulite  Reduction,  Hair Removal,  Botox, Dermal Fillers, Peels, and Microdermabrasion 

LRS SPIRITUAL RETREATS offers energy healing services and retreats in local and international markets. Services include Reiki,  Crystal Healing, Yoga, Meditation,  Hypnosis. Retreats are setup in tranquil locations across the world.

LRS VIRTUAL WELLNESS offers 1-1 coaching in nutrition, virtual yoga and meditation classes for healthy mind & body.

Message from CEO/Founder

LRS philosophy is to let everyone “Be”. Whether you are a therapist, employee, freelance partner, co-op student, volunteer, or simply a client, LRS provides you the space to allow yourself “TO BE YOU”. Our purpose is to not let anyone feel empty hearted.  

Anything and everything linked to LRS is designed by someone who got to be themselves and had an opportunity to seek inwards to search how they can be a value to others. Regardless of their profession or job title, everyone shares a common ground and that is to be true to who they are. 

We serve you with purity and sincerity. 

Our existence is to care for you, heal you, and revive you!

Whatever the outcome of your visit is, one thing will always remain constant, and that is you will never feel empty hearted. Everyone’s purpose at LRS is to be who they genuinely are – they are simply “being”. 

When one is true to themselves in serving others, the outcome will always be pure in offering peace and harmony to others. 

Although, LRS originated in Dec 2017, the universe had been working to align everything for the right time and place. Yes, I have the title of CEO or founder but I am no different than anyone else linked to LRS. I am just as much of a servant to this “entity” as anyone else doing their part; to help build a place of value, compassion, love and care by being true to themselves.  

LRS is not just a business to offer holistic wellness services to serve the mind, body, or soul but a place for everyone to  “grow”. There is no competition due to the fact that we are all united by one common theme; to help ourselves by helping others. 

My vision is to see everyone grow, flourish, and accomplish what their heart desires with kindness, purity, and a genuine heart. No employee will be left to wonder if they will get that promotion or management title because there is no hierarchy system to report to. The only person everyone reports to is themselves, by being true to themselves.   There are systems, processes, and protocols in place such as LRSibot to help maintain a peace of mind and security, but never to feel like you are being judged by another human being. LRSibot system is designed to eliminate any political agenda or unfairness at workplace. It does not judge or discriminate. It allows you “to be you”. 

LRS helps and supports people of all ages and talents to flourish. It gives opportunities to stay home moms to work while raising children. It gives opportunity to a co-op student regardless of their course or area of study to explore their true potential. It gives opportunity to a therapist to fulfill its purpose to heal and pamper others without the burden of other spa duties. It gives entrepreneur an opportunity, a platform, and support to grow their business as long as their intention is pure and aligns with LRS’s philosophy to help others. As LRS started growing, my daughters started helping by servicing others, even it was serving a glass of water with a smile. One day a seasoned staff member came to me and said, “You are going to leave a good business behind to your daughters.” My immediate response was, “I don’t know where their destiny will take them and how they will be fulfilling their purpose in life, so I am not designing LRS for them, but am designing it for every woman out there who wants to serve others.”

LRS’s vision is to see women empower other women by creating an environment that only grows when you help others grow.  

The story of LRS is not just a story of how I started, but a story of each and every person who is part of it. The most beautiful thing about this is that LRS will not be tied to one person or name, but will be tied to many who will be part of this journey. Whether it’s a co-op student that grows to start working and then eventually owns a piece of this entity, or a client who comes to get pampered knowing generations before them had been cared and pampered the same way. LRS story is just starting and will grow as each one of your story gets attached to it by either serving others or being serviced.   

Thank you, Minu Basi


16 Ochs Drive, 

Morriston,  Ontario 



Tel: 226-486-0430

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Office hours are:

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